The Beach! By Antonia Ramsey

On Sunday we were lucky enough to spend the day on Vazon. The sun was shining and it seemed that everyone had come down to the beach to make the most of it. Me, Chris and Lottie set up a space on the beach where we had arts and crafts materials and our photography equipment so that people could come and get involved.


Lots of families came and created fish and underwater scenes…


One girl even created a new type of fish… a dolphish!!

We definitely have lots of creative young people on the island! While all these amazing fish were being created, me and Chris started up conversations with people about what Guernsey is to them and what it’s cultural identity is. We used some of our responses from our day at Market Square to help prompt different conversations.

The lady above talked about Guernsey’s tattoo culture, me and Chris have talked to a few people who have said that having lots of tattoos is popular on Guernsey and helps you stand out or be a little different. She also talked about how Guernsey was very outdoorsy and fun and a great place to bring up her children.


“Fresh Air”

The young man above said that one of the things that he loves about Guernsey is the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. Having moved from London three years ago, I really can notice how lovely and refreshing the sea air is and how colourful the island is, spending the day on Vazon with all you lovely people really cannot make me appreciate Guernsey any more!




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