The Arts and the Impact of Creativity on Wealth Creation

In June this year the chairman of the Guernsey Arts Commission, Tony Gallienne gave a talk to the Institute of Directors lunch. He discussed the importance of the impact of the arts on industry and why it is vital Guernsey starts to embrace the concept of ‘creative industries’.

In a time when the world is still fragile from the global economy crisis, many corporate companies need to find new creative ways to increase business and maintain stability, however one of the few industries to remain relatively unscathed indeed some theatres and music venues reported an increase in profit and attendance was the arts.

This need for entertainment and culture and the impact major events can have on the local economy made up just element of Tony’s keynote speech, he also explored companies in Guernsey which have a had a great impact on the island, including Specsavers, who are one of the only companies to have an internal advertising agency based in its headquarters.

He concluded his paper encouraging local businesses to embrace creative industries into the island so that the uniqueness of the island can play an important role in business development and growth both on and off island.

To download the full key note speech please click on the below link.

Tony Gallienne: The Arts and the Impact of Creativity on Wealth Creation

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