Let Me Introduce Myself!!

Every Tuesday, the GAC’s own Community Arts Development Officer Lottie Barnes takes a very special journey. She makes her way from GAC HQ at the Tourist Information Centre, up towards Cobo, and arrives at Les Genats Estate in the ArtsMobile at around 6.30. She’s not going home at the end of her long day, but instead, going to ensure the young people at the estate have a chance to engage with artists and explore their creative abilities.

Light night received a lot of coverage in the Press.

Recently, Lottie, the young people on the estate and the artists by their sides have been working on a project called ‘Let Me Introduce Myself’. I could tell you more about the project, but unfortunately it’s top secret at the moment… But if you follow this blog, the Facebook page and the Twitter page closely over the coming months, you will discover sneak peeks of what’s in store!

In fact, because I’m feeling nice, hears your first sneak peek…



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