Joan Ozanne BEM Painting unveiling at the PRCPA

We are so pleased to be able to show you the photos from the unveiling of Joan Ozanne’s portrait.

A painting of Joan Ozanne BEM, by local artist Liz Adams, was unveiled at the Performing Arts Centre on 3rd July.

The Bailiff, Sir Richard Collas, unveiled Joan’s portrait, to pay homage to Joan’s long career in Guernsey over many decades. Fiona Adams took the photographs of Joan, to enable Liz Adams to paint it.

Joan, surrounded by her friends and family, thoroughly enjoyed the evening, listened to Deputy Lester Queripel, but primarily a friend, talk about their collaborations, plus Tony Gallienne, former chair of the Guernsey Arts Commission and Russ Fossey, head of arts development at the Guernsey Arts Commission giving thanks, telling us of Joan’s many-faceted contributions to the arts, sometimes poetry, sometimes theatre, always there giving her unending support to the local scene.

To see Joan’s painting, come along to the Performing Arts Centre between 9 and 5 weekdays from 16th July. The Performing Arts Centre at Les Ozouets has kindly agreed to have Joan’s portrait on permanent display.

Performing Arts Centre website here

Fiona Adams’ website here

Liz Adams’ website here

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