It’s Official… By Chris Charles

I’m back and it’s official, Guernsey is a truly stunning place to be and the people I am meeting are making me feel very welcome.

We hit some of the beaches at the weekend and I am sure that Antonia will be blogging soon and putting up some of her favorite images of Sunday on Cobo and Vazon beach.

We met a lovely couple that have been coming over to the Island for years and had lovely things to say about it.

“Guernsey is the thinking man’s Jersey and there is a feeling of how the UK used to be and that’s a good thing. Add to that the fact that there are no caravans and the ice cream is to die for, what more could you want!”














The weather is lovely and that always helps but the overall vibe I am getting is making me want to don’t get me wrong I am a Mancunian through and through but there is something to be said for starting your day with a swim in the sea and finishing your day with a sunset you can actually see, not just glimpses through buildings!!
















I have to mention where I am staying as the staff have made it feel like a home from home for my wife and I and the grounds and surrounding views from Les Cotils are amazing.















Lynne on reception has been on the Island for over 30 years and has raised her family here, she is a great source of information and has time and a smile for everyone. She talked to me about the heart of Guernsey being family, a great community and the peace she finds in the beauty of the coastline makes being here very special to her.

Lynne has also taken the time to write us a little something and I have included it below…




For 30 years plus I have lived in this place

Away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race

There are beaches galore and sea so blue

Beautiful flowers in abundance – Oh!!! What views!!!


The trees stand tall and oh so green

A sight to behold, it’s just got to be seen!!

Albecq is my favourite and every day we would pass

‘Where in the world’ I’d say as I drove my daughter to her class


It’s such a lovely place to bring up children

You and them can enjoy the freedom

Clubs, Keyboard, Swimming to help your child thrive

And Goodey Goodey not far to drive!!!


I always look forward to after my work

To sit in my garden with my family to talk

To imbibe the occasional glass of wine

Fun and laughter!!!! Life is fine!!!!


Sark and Herm deserve a mention

Many times I have visited to alleviate the tension!!!!

No Cars or Lorries to invade your space

Just Peace and Tranquillity – Oh this is Ace!!


To eat out in Guernsey, you are really spoiled

But it’s deserved after the day you’ve toiled!!!

From eating Lobster in our little Town

Seafood Variety is ‘World Renown’

To Fish and Chips out in the West



Lynne Watts July 2013















I was introduced to John the head Gardener and we talked about how over the past 6 years he has enjoyed bringing the outdoor space at Les Cotils back to it’s former glory and John and his team have won numerous awards for there en devours.

John talked openly about the joy he gets from creating a space for people to lose themselves in, find some  peace of mind and just get away from the trappings of there busy lives. He has had his own challenges in life and feels that Guernsey is a unique place, a calm and friendly place. He enthused about how the community is built on the basis of giving back and that is what he feels he has achieved here at Les Cotils, I agree as I am loving chilling in the gardens after a day of talking to the characters of the Island!!

I better sign off, but I will be back tomorrow with more portraits from the Kindred Centre and I am on outreach with Antonia and Lotties team tonight..I wonder what is next on my journey of Guernsey..!!

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