Volunteers needed for new Community Arts Plan

The Guernsey Arts Commission has unveiled its new strategy for Community Arts in Guernsey and to make the first crucial part of it happen we are looking for volunteers (paid and unpaid) to help out at our regular series of arts workshops on several of Guernsey’s housing estates.

This began in late 2010 at Les Genats in the Castel and has recently expanded to include St Martin’s with plans already underway to include the Chemin Des Monts Estates near L’Aumone.

Community Arts Officer, Brett Klement, said: “We are looking for people with heart, artistically trained or otherwise, who can provide positive role-models to sometimes challenging, mostly attention-starved, children from difficult circumstances.

“Through creative experiences and encouragement the children open up, expanding their self-confidence and increasing a heightened sense of self-worth that enables them to see beyond their present circumstances.  Every child deserves an equal chance; we want you to be on the team that seeks to give them that chance.”

The project, working in conjunction with other agencies including The Sports Commission, Drug Concern, and the Guernsey Police, seeks to give children from these areas the chance to express themselves creatively in a range of media from drawing and painting to music and performance.

For the project to really blossom and help serve the local community we are looking for volunteers (paid and unpaid) to get involved on a regular basis to both run and assist with the workshop based programme.

If you would like to volunteer contact Brett Klement on [email protected] or 709749 or fill out this form and return to [email protected] or to:

Brett Klement, Community Arts Officer,
Guernsey Arts Commission,
Guernsey Information Centre,
North Esplanade,
St Peter Port

The Guernsey Arts Commission has defined community arts as: “Community arts involve active group participation in the creative process, regardless of ability, that seeks regenerative transformation for both the community as a whole and the individual alike. It is developed primarily to provide opportunities for people who, through economic or social circumstance, have little access or means to participate in or gain the value of the arts in their lives.”

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