Light Night at Les Genats!

An evening of electrifying illuminations from the young people of Les Genats

On Tuesday 26th February, the Guernsey Arts Commission’s Community Arts Team led in the illumination of Les Genats with the first ever ‘Light Night’, a special evening of activities for the young people of the estate using dance, digital arts, sports, photography and much more!

Catch the full report from Channel TV here:

Image courtesy of The Guernsey Press

Delivered in partnership with the Guernsey Sports Commission, Action for Children and The Hub (all four of which work together at the estate each week), the evening saw laser technology used to create giant temporary digital murals around the basketball court lead by artist Marcel Lenormand. LED skipping ropes swung to create inspiring images in action led by the GAC’s assistant artists and GSC. And dance and music was under the mighty spotlight to showcase the developing wealth of performing talent at Les Genats lead by artist Dave Hyett; the evening erupted in a cacophony of all that is bright.

Have a look at what happened here:

For the four organisations, this was the first of many celebrations in 2013 of the talent and work of the young people on the estate. Having delivered arts and sports projects over the past three years, the work there has been ever developing and there are many plans under way to continue in the focussed spirit of ‘Light Night’ throughout the year.

“We are very proud to be supporters of this project” said Steve Camm, Managing Director (Hiscox).  Richard Tee, Chief Executive (Heritage) added, “Having supported Community Arts for the past three years, we’re astounded at the talent on the island both with the young people at the estate and the artists who deliver such work.”

Working in the dark and cold temperatures outside in the winter months poses a big challenge for the organisations to work closely with the young people and deliver exciting projects within the environment. Using these factors, activities delivered like those showcased at ‘Light Night’ have proven to be a huge success. Utilising the inside of the ArtsMobile and Action for Children Bus and collaborating between the organisations to create unique work has really ignited new ideas throughout the community and teams. The central space has now become a stage for the young people of Les Genats!

In the spirit of ‘Light Night’, 2013 is going to be crammed full of activity across the estate and beyond for the Community Arts team. Expect more work from the young people of Les Genats popping up across the island, and more work from the team including August’s ‘Dance Month’, our Arts Trail project and much much more! An exciting year ahead.

The Guernsey Arts Commission’s Community Arts Programme at Les Genats is jointly and generously sponsored by Hiscox and Heritage.

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