Why do the arts deserve public funding?

Joanna Littlejohns and Tony Gallienne met recently with Sir Peter Bazelgette, the chairman of Arts Council England to discuss links that could be made between the Commission and the Arts Council as well as the general funding picture.  In the UK, the economic and social case for arts and culture has been made with evidence that every £1 invested by the public purse generates up to £6 in the local economy.  49% of tourists visiting Britain place to go to a live music concert or event while 51% of adults visited a museum or gallery in 2011/12.   The arts also support employment with jobs in the creative and cultural sector expected to increase by a third by 2020.  www.artscouncil.org.uk

Guernsey Arts Commission is currently planning to undertake research in 2014 to assess the economic impact of arts and festival activity and the wider creative industries in the Bailiwick which will include employment figures, visitor and participation numbers and contribution to cultural tourism.   If you are interested in knowing more, please contact [email protected]

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