We now have a Links page!

Links to your group

Please check out the new links page on our website, arts.gg

You can find the Links page under the ‘Contacts’ drop-down menu called ‘Guernsey Arts Organisations’ Links’… or by clicking here

Chloe Dorey, GAC’s office volunteer, has drawn up a list of all the arts organisations we are currently aware of in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.  If you are involved in a group that isn’t there, please send us your name, telephone number, website and email address along with a short description of your organisation.  Please also let us know the correct details of your group, if we have not got them quite right.

The list contains arts facilities as well as other community and commercial venues which could potentially be used for creative purposes. So we hope you find it useful.  A big thank you to Chloe for collating all this information together in one place.

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