Taking out the Artsmobile on a Tuesday night

Yesterday evening new Community Arts Officer Brett Klement took the Artsmobile to Les Genats Estate to continue the Guernsey Arts Commission project that has been happening there since the middle of last year.

Brett said it was “a successful Tuesday night” offering the many resources of the Artsmobile to the children of the estate:

“They were overwhelmingly appreciative of the new folding ‘camp tables’ and made quick use of them for a host of artistic projects and some game play.

Step-by-step drawing of dragons, dirt bikes, and Sonic the Hedgehog along with colouring projects in colour pencil and marker pens were quickly undertaken.

Dominoes were introduced and made use of, not only for their game value, but in setting them up to watch them rhythmically fall.

Oddly enough, a good card game of ‘Go Fish’ was a highlight of the evening.

Next week I’m planning lessons in landscape painting and mixed-media collage along with introducing Chess, a game which one of the 15 year-olds is well up for!”

The Guernsey Arts Commission is always on the look out for volunteers to help out with projects like this so if you are interested in getting involved drop Brett an email to [email protected] or call him on 709749.

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