Introducing… NineMilly

Part 2 of our Urban Artists Introductions…

Introducing Matt Gouveia aka Nine Milly

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My name is Matt Gouveia aka NineMilly. Through the years I have focused on hip hop & d&b working with live acts such as Guernsey’s very own hip hop crew the Asylum Seekas as their beatboxer. I think for me one of the main reasons I started making silly noises from my mouth, is due to Michael Winslow from Police Academy. Every time is watched him I practiced and practiced (not copying him, just coming up with my own sounds), to make people laugh and have fun. Then later on I came across a tape of some guys called The Fat Boys. They were an old-school hip hop collective of 2 mcs and a beatboxer (Big Buff Love). This started me off at making beats and combining sounds with my mouth. From there I just beat boxed to myself, nobody but my closest friends knew I did this until one day I was introduced to a man called Andre (DJ One of a Kind), who owned a record store here in Guernsey. I basically walked into the shop and my best friend said this is the guy and in front of a store full of people buying records I was put on the spot to beatbox… That was my first time doing it in font of people I had never met. I had never felt nerves like I felt that day but the Great thing was I got my first ever gig from doing that and also met an amazing local hip hop crew that I would later become a part of called the Asylum Seekas. We went on to perform at events such as Jersey Live Festival, Vale Earth Fair & the Guernsey Live Festival and also the best gigs by far were the GET DOWN’S!!! Warming up for massive uk hip hop artists at the Fermain Tavern such as Foreign Beggers, DJ Woody, Tommy Evans, TY, The Mouse Outfit and many more. I do sometimes wonder, If it wasn’t for that faithful day at Sure Shots Records Shop being put on the spot and meeting DJ One of a Kind, would I have had the amazing opportunity that I have had through the years to play alongside all of those amazing names and being welcomed in so openly by my extended family the Asylum Seekas and The Get Down Crew. If there is one opportunity to say thank you I hope this is it.

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THIS Saturday is Urban Arts Day. You will be able to come and talk to some of Guernsey’s most talented urban artists, dancers and sports people and you will be able to help create some amazing artwork, show us your best dance moves or shoot some hoops! This event is FREE, at Market Terrace outside HMV) 11am-4pm, see you there!

For any more information email [email protected]

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