Work continues at the new Oberlands Centre…

Artwork continues be installed at the new Oberlands Centre this week…

The team are very happy to have completed the mural at Mignot House, just in time for the official opening of the centre on Friday 30th November.

The artwork produced at the Youth Commission’s ‘Quiet Club’ has been the inspiration for the final design of a mural for the waiting area at Mignot House where CAMHS will be based.

The finished product… (Lottie was a bit tired!)

Day 3 of painting at Mignot House - Oberlands - Image 2

Day 3 of painting at Mignot House - Oberlands - Image 3

The team attended the opening and were very pleased to see the mural receive such a positive response from everyone having a tour of the building. Dr. Carol Tozer, HSSD Chief Officer, gave a short speech at the opening of Oberlands, before Deputy Sandra James cut the ribbon to officially open the centre.

Opening of Oberlands - Carol Tozer

Opening of Oberlands - Sandra James

This week the large graphics are beginning to be installed around the main building. The graphics were all created by local artist Hugh Rose, using the theme of nature for his inspiration. The graphics will help guide people through the centre.

Dowding Signs have been busy installing these daffodils, which are located in the foyer, by the ‘Recovery and Wellbeing’ department.

Graphics Install - Daffodil - 1

Graphics Install - Daffodil - 3Graphics Install - Daffodil - 2

The next job was installing the large tree design behind the main reception desk. All of the colours from the leaves link to the colours of each ward.

Graphics Install - Tree - 1

Graphics Install - Tree - 3

Graphics Install - Tree - 4

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates this week on the installation of all the graphics at the centre… we’re very excited to see all of the finished artwork!



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