What is Guernsey’s cultural identity? By Antonia Ramsey

What is Guernsey’s cultural identity? This is the question that we asked on Saturday in Market Square. We spoke to a real mix of people, some who have lived here all their lives, some who like me have only lived here a few years and a few people like our UK based artist Chris who were completely new to the island.

“If you are lost you just keep on driving or walking and you will reach the coast”

When I first moved here three years ago this is how I found my way around! I would just walk until I saw the sea, this is one of the aspects of being on an island as small as guernsey, you are never far from the sea!

One of the things that people seemed to love about Guernsey was how safe it feels. Kids can play freely and parents worry less, the strong community is something that was noticed by tourists and visitors as well as locals.

This boy drew his cat, I think we have a future artist!



‘Freedom to be yourself’

Guernsey appears to be a very proud place. During our conversations with people many of them spoke of Guernsey’s history, the occupation and of the island’s uniqueness with pride. The local produce, tomatoes and dairy products were mentioned lots. The lady above mentioned Guernsey fudge which is one of my favourites!┬áDuring our day at Market Square we met lots of lovely people and had some great conversations about what it is that makes Guernsey unique and gives it it’s charm. You can join in and send us your images, find out how by going to:

Exciting Photography opportunities.


But one last one… Guernsey is Home.



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