We are looking for a Community Arts Commissioner

As the next stage of the development of our Community Arts Programme, the Guernsey Arts Commission is looking for a Community Arts Commissioner.

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The Community Arts Commissioner will provide a vital link between the Community Arts Officer, who runs the day-to-day side of the programme, and the Guernsey Arts Commission’s Board of Commissioners, as well as working with the Community Arts Officer to help bring the programme to fruition.

Like the other Commissioner posts in the Guernsey Arts Commission the role is voluntary and requires as much time as the individual can dedicate to it, including attending the Commission’s monthly board meetings.

As well as working with the Community Arts Officer the Commissioner will work closely with the Fundraising Sub-Committee to assure continued financial support for the programme.

Upon appointment it will also be the job of the Community Arts Commissioner, along with the Community Arts Officer, to develop a Community Arts Sub-Committee to take a lead on some of the projects initiated by the Community Arts Officer (often in conjunction with outside agencies).

The role, though voluntary, is likely to be greatly rewarding to anyone with a passion for the arts and for Guernsey’s community. The Guernsey Arts Commission hopes that its Community Arts Programme can demonstrate what a force for good artistic endeavour, in any form, can be and to take it to people who, through social or economic circumstances, don’t currently have access to the arts in Guernsey.

The appointment of a Community Arts Commissioner follows on from the successful development of the Guernsey Arts Commission’s work on some of Guernsey’s housing estates. This programme now regularly takes place at Les Genats, St Martin’s and the Network Club at L’Aumone with weekly arts sessions for local youngsters. In addition the GAC’s theatre programme in Guernsey Prison continues with the formation of the Innocents Theatre Group and the first live theatre performance by inmates which recently took place to much acclaim.

If you would like to apply or for more information please contact Head of Arts Development, Joanna Littlejohns, at [email protected] or on 709707.

More information on the Community Arts Programme.

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