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Working for the GAC this summer as a volunteer has been amazing as I’ve been able to do so many different varying jobs each day, all of which have been great. Starting from the smallest typically mundane jobs to the big practical interactive jobs outside in the sun.

Summer, for me is usually a time where I find it the most difficult to tie myself down to work or to any job, as I want to be outside in the sun like everyone while I can, especially in August when I have family who I don’t see much coming over. Last year proved to be a real struggle for me trying to make myself work at a time and in a place I really didn’t want to be. It was the first time since finishing full time education where I’d had to work in the summer.

Though, from that experience, after I left, I started this year fearful of what I might do, or end up having to do over the summer, as I didn’t want to do retail again or financial based office work. I needed some practical outdoor work and some office based work, ideally a bit of everything. And the GAC provided that ideal job perfectly, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work every day I can, even if only for ½ an hour. I simply love the people I get to work with, and the jobs I’ve done in the office, word processing meeting notes, guidance documents, data inputting, scanning/copying files, shredding, shifting furniture and helping the community arts team prepare for workshops, have all been right up my street. As have the outdoor jobs of painting murals, doing the public summer events (Arts Sunday, Art on the beach, Urban Arts Day and GIG/Gig in the Garden), running errands and mini shopping trips and putting up the OSA pop up shop to advertise and promote the events. I’ve been able to work all through this summer doing a job I thoroughly enjoy and I could not have enjoyed it more. When I have had the choice to have the day off and go out, I’ve opted to work.

I plan to stay with them for as long as possible and carry on doing what I have done for the rest of this year and see if I can wangle it into next.

Chloe Dorey


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