Victor Hugo, Man on a Bench

We are very pleased to launch the Fundraising Campaign for the Victor Hugo – Man on a Bench sculpture.

This photograph of the maquette, standing 4 inches tall, is a representation of the final bench proposed by this campaign, which will be scaled up to the full size as funding allows. Throughout the process Mark Cook will make a larger interim piece, scaled up (but not full size), further refining the detail of the sculpture. Once finished the life size sculpture will show a true reflection of Victor Hugo.

If you wish to donate please do call us on 709747, or visit the page and search for Guernsey Arts Commission.

Thanks to Roy Bisson at the Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society, at their talk, and huge thanks to Dr Bradley Stephens, lecturer in French Studies, from University of Bristol who spoke brilliantly on Saturday 20th May at the Performing Arts Centre. Trevor Wakefield and Mark Cook were able to present to the audience, the plan for making the sculpture and fundraising.

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