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Tuesday morning was filled with fewer nerves (and I was a lot more excited) as I had been introduced and I knew where I was supposed to be. I also knew what I was supposed to be doing and had a few ideas on how I could present the photos I had taken so far.

Again, after I’d settled down I turned my camera on and carried on taking some more photos, but was only doing it for a little while as I’d been asked to join a meeting about an event that was going to take place later this year called ”Express Yourself.” It will consist of live music, art and poetry.

In the meeting, I did contribute with my own views and ideas towards the event as it’s aimed at younger people which are around my age so I’d thought it be useful.

After the meeting, I was back to starting to import my photos, when I was offered to write an article for the Guernsey Press about the Lady Tait exhibition which was at the greenhouse Gallery. This really sparked my interest because earlier on, I was talking about how I’d like to do journalism in the future. I’d already started to do some planning and research to work on a draft.

From that, my photography was more focussed on the Lady Tait exhibition so that I would have a variety of photos to edit and choose from for the newspaper.



As soon as I arrived, I added a few more bits of information after some more thorough research, though to my disappointment, not much else was found about Lady Tait. However, I’d written out a few drafts by this point and was working on the actual article.

Shortly after this, my tutor Mr. Stevens went to see how I’d been getting on with my work experience. Of course, I’d said it was very enjoyable and I was having a lot of fun. I then had to give him a tour around the building, as Katrina had done for my on my first day and it really surprised me on how much I actually knew about each exhibit. I’d realised I’d picked up on a lot of information without even noticing and that made me feel good about myself.

After Mr. Stevens left, I carried on working on my article until I was later taken out of the office to shadow an interview that was going on, again, linking to my interest in journalism. I’d never seen a live interview happen like this and it was really interesting to see how it all worked as I stood there taking photos of it in action with my camera.

Though the interview was filled with fun, I had to return back to the office and get my article checked to make sure it all flowed well and I had all the necessary information I needed; it was then declared finished and now I had to start choosing photos to go along with it.

Consequently, I was shown how to import all my photos onto the computer, edit them the way I wanted and then how to send them over to Google Drive where I had to sort them into two folders: “Lady Tait Photos” and “Favourite Photos.”

Lastly, I was told about how I should start setting up a blog, so I started typing up on what I’d done each day of the week, including my own thoughts and feelings about everything that had been going on. I started making note, trying to recall on what happened each day (which was difficult at first, as so many things had happened on a day-to-day basis that I had to try remember it all).

Val Ryan, St Sampson’s High School, Guernsey –  blogging for the Guernsey Arts Commission for GWex


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