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This is my second to last day of work experience at the Guernsey Arts Commission and although I’m excited for summer, which is just a week away, I’ve really been enjoying my time here and almost don’t want to leave just yet.

Today, I’ve carried on sorting/editing/choosing photos for my Lady Tait article in the Guernsey Press and I think I’ve picked one that would look good in the paper.

For most of this day, however, I’ve been catching up on writing about my day-to-day experience here, which will later be going up on my own personal blog. I’m glad to have received this opportunity, because even when I leave work experience, I can continue uploading my views, thoughts and photos. I can even add the link to my blog on things like my CV and portfolio to show what sorts of things I’ve been working on.

After my lunch break today, I’m going to be shown how to set up my blog and add this work experience review to it as well as some photos. Additionally, I’ve been asked if I’d like to be shown a few things on Photoshop too; I would definitely benefit from this, because I do photography as a G.C.S.E.

In photography, we’re advised to know basic functions on Photoshop, as we’re not allowed to use our phones/iPads for editing photos in exam conditions, so our only source is Photoshop.

I already know how to do some things, as I tend to watch YouTube video on how to random things on Photoshop, such as a double exposure effect in photos. I have used it before (in my end of year exam) though there was still some struggle on how to do a lot of the things I wanted to, hence learning some more would be great.


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