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Today will be my final day of work experience with the Guernsey Arts Commission. Though I am excited for the summer holidays, which are under a week away, I will miss partaking in things I love to do, such as photography and journalism.

So, in today’s events I’ve continued taking photos focussing them more in the gardens and I was also shown how to set up my own personal blog, which I’ve already started now.

As well as that, I have received some amazing news about my article on Lady Tait – the article has been approved and it’s going to make an appearance in the Guernsey Press on Wednesday!

I’m really happy to hear this since it’s the first time I’ve actually put a piece of my own writing out in to the world for people to read. Sure, I work on lots of writing at home including diaries and my own stories that I’ve planned for a few years now, but I just never could find a way to put them out there.

My general overview of this week

Working with the Guernsey Arts Commission has been such a pleasure over this week. I’ve had a numerous amount of different tasks to partake in; a lot of them I’ve never done before so a lot of listening and learning was required, but even that side of things was fun.

I’m quite sad to be leaving now, since I‘ve been treated so well and, of course, every day I was doing something I love, whether it would be journalism or photography.

A lot of new doors have been opened for me now, especially as my article is going in the newspaper. Furthermore, I have a much better understanding of what creative people do – the GAC facilitate local exhibitions, of contemporary local artists, they present it all and make everything happen and take action, which has inspired me a lot.

I’d really hope to do something similar in the future to what I’ve been doing for the week as it gives me an opportunity to constantly use my mind to think creatively. One of the main reasons is that everyday is different; something new always pops up and to me, that’s exciting, really exciting.


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