Uncharted Island: The latest exhibition in the greenhouse

The new exhibition at the greenhouse is Uncharted Island, a collection of artworks that use mapping techniques and concepts to investigate the island of Guernsey. Thirteen artists based in Guernsey and elsewhere have produced work specifically for the show in response to an invitation to make a ‘map’ of the island.

Amongst the artists from Guernsey featured in the exhibition are Vikki Ellis, Ellie Rose, Lisa Cleal, Emmie McLuskey, Amy Courtney and William Crisp. Some of the contributions resemble traditional maps in their forms – featured works include maps exploring personal memories and associations by locally born artists Tina McCallan and Andy Smith. Recent graduate Vikki Ellis’ project, The People’s Atlas, is a book of maps of Guernsey drawn from memory by members of the public. Other works are inspired by mapping processes, such as London-based David Angus’s Trig Tent, a site-specific sculpture whose form is defined by the location of Triangulation Points originally used to map the island.

The curator of the exhibition, Lauren Barnes, has recently graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London with a degree in Art History. Born in Guernsey, Lauren devised the exhibition as a way of exploring a broad range of artists’ perspectives on the island.
Lauren said: “Maps might seem to be straightforwardly functional, but they can reveal so much more than how to get from A to B. The maps in this exhibition display widely differing views of Guernsey: for many, the island is loaded with memories, for others, ideas of isolation are more powerful. The diverse range of responses to the invitation is inspiring and shows that Guernsey is a complex and fascinating place”.

An illustrated exhibition catalogue will be published soon after the exhibition opening, which will be free to take away for visitors.

This is a Guernsey Arts Commission project and has further support from Digimap.

Uncharted Island opens on Thursday 16 September with a private view in the greenhouse from 5.30pm until 7.00pm, all are welcome.

the greenhouse is open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5.00pm and Sunday 9.00am – 1.00pm. Admission is free.

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