‘There’s not a creative bone in my body!’

Sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. This phrase has become a common chorus for many, especially those busy in a day-to-day non-creative job.

Unnoticed, creativity can play a huge role in practically everyone’s lives, even if we believe this not to be true. However, there is hope, creativity comes in many forms and can be expressed in varies ways. Creativity does not necessarily need to be seen as being good at painting or drawing, it can be gardening, painting your new house, doing your make up or keeping a scrap book of your holidays. If you are interested in exploring new ways to flourish your creative side then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are four ways to start your creative journey:

  • Keep a journal


Keeping a journal doesn’t have to be writing about your day, you can do it in many ways. For example, taking photos throughout your week and sticking them in your journal at the end of the week, or doodling anything you see that you find interesting. These simple exercises will stimulate and activate your brain to start thinking differently and gaining new perspectives on life. The most important thing to remember is to not get disappointed at the start, your skills will develop and your journal will get better and better.

  • Change up your routine


Sometimes having a routine can be reassuring, knowing what you’re doing and when, however setting knew and different challenges everyday can be beneficial for your creative side. Changing your routine can keep you on your toes and may make you more excited for what’s next instead of dreading your day, having new and different routines can force neurons to fire in new ways, stimulating your brain. This can be achieved by trying a new activity every term e.g. yoga, bird watching, swimming on the beach. Changes don’t have to be big, you could change your route to work, or what you eat for lunch, the idea is to have a series of small things that will stimulate your brain throughout the day.

  • Purchase a sketch/ colouring book


Having time to yourself to sit down and relax is extremely beneficial, quite often we don’t know what to do with our spare time. We are so busy and caught up in work, or general life that we forget to sit down and have a break to ourselves, but when we finally do, what do you do with yourself? Having a colouring book or sketchbook can make our creative juices flow and give us time to express ourselves through art and let our brains wander. Constant stimuli is good but can get demanding, this allows you to relax and not worry about being judged for something you are doing.

  • Sign up for something you’ve never done before


Pushing yourself and going out of your comfort zone can be one of the best ways to challenge your creative side. Many communities offer evening classes for adults, so get involved! This could be pottery work, jewellery making, baking or learning a new language. This is a great way to meet new people, gain friendships and learn a new skill.

by Carmen Plevin – A Level student from Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre on work experience for the Guernsey Arts Commission

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