The GAC needs your generous support

Due to the fantastic success of recently donated laptops, the GAC needs more!

Not just any laptops, but Apple laptops. Why do we need Apple and not PC?  Well, the laptops generously donated thus far are Apple; we have software for them and we are determined to allow all our participants to develop creative industries skills.


As our Community Arts Programme develops and we engage more and more people across the island in our activities, we need working Apple laptops. We Apple laptops which can be used by the young people whom we work with across the Island; we need Apple laptops which can be used by those less able and those who care for them as we develop new projects with them; we need Apple laptops to allow our team support participants to record their experience of participation; and we need Apple laptops to create artwork upon.


The Apple laptops would need to be in good condition; any personal information removed, but be assured that we would have the hard drive ‘scrubbed’ before we use  them; we would also need the power cable; and we would really appreciate the case, if you have one!


We are also in need of at least one iPad in good working order. A great advantage of the iPad is its portability and it will support the team as we develop new ways of recording and evaluating our work across the island.


If you require more information or want to chat about how your donation of an Apple laptop or iPad will be used, contact Sam de Croy on [email protected]

Here is a download version of above:

The GAC needs laptops



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