The G.A.C Challenge

Here at the Guernsey Arts Commission we are always trying to think of ways to engage our local community, this time our focus has turned on the musicians on the island.

The music Sub-Committee have set a new challenge for bands, solo artists, composers all over Guernsey to write and record a piece of music using only the chords, G,A & C.

The challenge is easy and the rules are simple:

G.A.C used in that order to theme the piece (the introduction), major, minor whatever as long as the initial theme is ‘rooted’ G.A.C.

From then on use those chords in any order you like, augment them however you wish (once again major, minor, 9ths, 7ths, diminished etc)

There are no restrictions as to the style, length or instrumentation, so whether you want 1 acoustic guitar, a 4 piece band, a full orchestra etc the choice is yours!

So final rule? …….. Have fun! & let the creative juices flow!

Want to hear an example of what has already been produced? Continuum, a local Guernsey band are the first band to submit their recorded G.A.C song. We’ve uploaded this to YouTube and you can hear the song by clicking on the link below.

Continuum: GAC Song

Once you’ve written and recorded your song please burn them on a disk and send them to the Guernsey Arts Commission

Jo Morrissey
Arts Development Officer
Guernsey Arts Commission
Guernsey Information Centre
North Esplanade
St Peter Port

Alternatively you can email your song to [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding this project please email Russ Fossey, Chair of the Music Sub-Committee at [email protected]

Good Luck & Happy Music Making!

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