Talk by Dr Bradley Stephens at the Performing Arts Centre 20th May 2017

An illustrated talk by Dr Bradley Stephens Saturday 20th May 2017

Senior Lecturer and Subject Lead in French Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Bristol

Cosette has become emblematic of Les Misérables as a story of romance and revolution, yet her cossetted role as a female character and her rags-to-riches tale have also been criticised for promoting a socially and economically conservative order. In this talk, Hugo specialist Dr Bradley Stephens from the University of Bristol looks at over a century and a half of the novel’s afterlife as one of the most adapted works in literary history and asks what really lies behind the face of Les Misérables.

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Victor Hugo Park Bench Sculpture for St Peter Port

Project launch by Trevor Wakefield, artistic description by Mark Cook

Trevor will launch his project to produce a statue of Hugo sitting on a park bench, reading Toilers of the Sea, all in bronze and already agreed with the Town Constables to be next to the Town Church looking out to sea.

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