Since 2008 the Arts Grants programme has funded more than 298 projects/activities in and around the Bailiwick. More than £810,000 has been committed to projects of all kinds.

Without this support, many of the Bailiwick’s best known and valued cultural events such as The Town Carnival, Arts Sunday, the Guernsey Photography Festival, the Guernsey Literary Festival, the Vale Earth Fair and The Alderney Performing Arts Festival, continue to develop our cultural landscape.

Supported projects for 2018

Projects supported by Guernsey Arts Commission







Projects supported in 2018

The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society Seminar

Guernsey Literary Festival 2018

Chaos 2018

Alderney Literary Festival 2018

Guernsey Photography Festival 2018

Vale Earth Fair 2018

Alderney Performing Arts Festival 2018

Arts Sunday 2018

Guernsey History in Action – Burnt at the Stake

Town Centre Partnership – Town Carnival

SOUND 2018

Aaron Yeandle Partnership Programme – Les Voies

Vale Earth Fair Instrument Exhibition

Town Centre Partnership – Candie Gardens

Proms on the Pier 2018

Philip Eastman – Bagley Exhibition

Fete de la Normandie

Guernsey independent Film Makers

Sian Jones – Notes to Self Exhibition

Hors de Saisaon Artists Collaboration

Lydia Pugh Concert

Francis Lemmon – The Big Draw

Tree of Jesse

Belles and Broomsticks Dance Weekend

Sian Jones Art Classes

Royal Photographic Society

Guernsey Literary Festival 2019

Guernsey Literary Festival – Poems on the Move

Town Carnival 2019 – Town Centre Partnerships

Candie Garden Concerts – Town Centre Partnerships

Alderney Literary Trust 2019

Frances Lemmon – William Le Lacheur Project


Projects supported in 2017

GAC’s arts’ grants have funded some incredible events, musicians, artists and community projects so far in 2017.

Arts Sunday

Guernsey Literary Festival

Town Carnival

Vale Earth Fair

Alderney Performing Arts Festival

Alderney Literary Festival

Guernsey History in Action

Chaos Voodoo Festival

The Zone Comic Anthology

Work in Progress

How to cut your losses and make a prophet by Andrew Smith

Guernsey Youth and Community Theatre

Miss Miz – Miss Cozette – the face of Les Miserables

Sound Under 18 Gigs – Jon Bisson

Proms on the Pier 2017

Guernsey Art Network

Guernsey Photography Festival

Saturday Night Fever

Elizabeth College Summer Orchestral Course (ECSOC)

School of Popular Music free co-curricular music lessons in secondary schools

Tony Booth Author

Sarka lee


Cain Hill

Victor Hugo Society in Guernsey L’Intervention

Alderney Theatre Group


Projects supported in 2016

GAC’s arts’ grants scheme funds arts projects and events that engage residents in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and adds to the cultural offer to both locals and visitors.

In 2016 we have welcomed applications from a range of art forms. Now we have held our last meeting in 2016, we have been able to create a pie chart of how the money was distributed across the art forms.

Here is the list of events and projects we have supported in 2016:

Guernsey-born singer and songwriter Nessi Gomez, who recently won the 2016 Best Unsigned British Female Artist Award

Dutcheez Productions – ‘Patch’ – A Short Film, which recently has won its first award: ‘Award of Merit’ in Los Angeles.

Alderney Literary Festival

‘Financial World – Works of Philipp Valenta’ – catalogue

History in Action performances at the Castle Cornet

40th Vale Earth Festival

Vale Earth Fair Exhibition

Victor Hugo in Guernsey Festival

Horizon Events

Gregoire Eloy

St James’ Youth promotion Trust Symphonia

Studio Alderney

Guernsey Lantern Parade

Candie Garden’s Sunday Concerts

Town Carnival

Guernsey Literary Group

Guernsey Photography Festival

Guernsey Proms – Proms on the Pier

Alice Nant & Kit Gillson and project ‘Solitary’

Opera Sark


“From day one, the GAC has been such a fantastic supporter… with belief in our vision right from the start… their enthusiasm and advice helped to keep us motivated as we have developed the festival… to become such a successful community event.”
Simon Harvey, The Sark Folk Festival Organiser

Arts Sunday

Over 12,000 visitors came to Arts Sunday on 4th June 2017, based along the seafront at St Peter Port. It goes from strength to strength, with over 90 stalls in 2017.

“ Big thank you to you and all the volunteers, it was a great day, it always is, I’m definitely in for next year 😊

Regards, Jill Le Goupillot

Jill’s Poetry Gifts” arts Sunday 2017

General comments:

“I felt the Guernsey Arts Commission were akin to an Elder Brethren. I felt I could always phone up for advice and if the person I called could not provide the answer to my question then they always knew someone who I could ask who had the relevant knowledge. Members of the GAC came to the festival which enabled them to see the result of their support. It made us feel that Alderney was part of a bigger Channel Island Artistic community – not isolated, and that was a very good feeling.”
Caroline Kay-Mouat, Director of Alderney’s Performing Arts Festival