Super 8 workshop – view the films made

Local film makers, film enthusiast and those who just wanted to give it a go took part in our Super 8MM Film making workshop earlier this year, led by two local film makers and Straight 8 ( finalists Lindsay de Sausmarez and Chris Denton. Super 8 is a fantastic medium and the resulting films posted below really do show how creative you can be with just 3 minutes of film and a soundtrack, made seperately, with no editing…we hope you enjoy the films.

Middles by Mimi Bishop

Fortress Guernsey by Mark Helyar

How to Make Out by Luke Jehan

My Little Black Book by Tom Adkins
The Butter’s Off by Alan Toumine


Contact Louise Gilligan at [email protected] to loan a Super 8 camera and buy the film.
We will be running another film workshop so watch this space for updates!!

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