Student Exhibition 2019

The Guernsey Arts Commission presents its annual Student 

Exhibition which celebrates the excellence achieved by Guernsey students in their final year. We would like to thank all the teaching staff, for the great support we receive in helping to produce the exhibition. 

The island can be proud of the creativity, technical ability and individualism coming from our local schools and colleges and we wish the students all the best in their future chosen paths. 

We thank the Arts Foundation Guernsey for sponsoring the exhibition.

Find out more about the artwork


Jack le Tissier

Untitled: enclose 3

Jack’s minimalist concrete sculpture is a response to the theme ‘Political landscape’. His investigation began with visits to the waste sites at Longue Houge and Mont Cuet. 

Jack is going to study Construction Management at Reading University.

Tristan Luce

Tis But a Scratch

The work is to look at armour for what it is in it’s design and artistry. Not it’s purpose. These sculptures are made out of wire which then has been Milliput shaped and modelled by hand, then they were sprayed with silver paint to give the metal effect.

Tristan is going to do a HND course later this year, to build his skills to find a job best suited.

Emma Torode


The concept of the painting is that its was based of how a photograph looks, for example with the areas out of focus, and the simple composition being similar to an ID photograph.

Emma is going to study Illustration at Falmouth University. 

Chloe Nicholls 


These images reflect the harsh impact that oil and plastic pollution has on wildlife and humans. The simple title of ‘Change’ depicts how change is needed quickly so that we can alter our word for the better. I hope the images convey the pain that we inflict on ourselves as humans and the world around us. 

Chloe is going to studying Fashion Branding and Communication at Leeds Art University. 

Martha Morgan

Meat Locker

Martha’s investigation into the meat production process began with first hand research at Forest Stores cold storage facility. Her sculpture of hanging carcasses invites the audience to reflect on ‘the cruelty of the meat industry’.

Martha is going on to study Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University

Adam Noon

Deeper Image

This piece aims to create immersive 3D environments that could be perceived as real video, starting from 2D photographs which were chosen loosely on a wild-west theme. These environments are fully modeled, textured, and rendered digitally – using  Blender, Photoshop, and a technique called Camera Mapping. 

Adam will be continuing on to Bournemouth University to study BSc Games Design.

Charlie Anderson

Strong Women

Charlie’s project explores the idea of strong women. He says that these shirts ‘act like superhero costumes, if you put them on, they would make you feel strong inside’.

Charlie is going to study Fashion Design at Leeds Arts University.

Lucy Perriam


My final piece from my unit 2 A-level coursework, created using oil on canvas. The composition of the piece is inspired by the many wooded areas on island, with a focus on shape and pattern. 

Lucy is planning on going into Local employment within the Creative Sector.

Lilian-May Meale


The short film shows the evening life of a Prostitute. It presents her struggle to find money to pay off the debts she is facing.  She turns to Prostitution to help with her financial issues. I filmed during golden hour, evening, and night time to show my audience her typical evening in this line of work.

Lilian is going to Brighton University in September to study filmmaking.

Pip  Looijenga

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

Inspired by Victor Vararely and Bridget Riley of the 1960’s Op Art Movement, and an interest in optical illusion, the work is about producing an art piece that would confuse the eyes and distort the perception of the viewer. Using only gaffer tape and sticky back vinyl the Installation creates this ‘experience’.

In September Pip will be attending the Level 3 Award in Education and Training and volunteering in the art department at the college.

Chloe Robert


This painting is an exploration of how we view others from the outside. The blank expression reflects how when you see a stranger on the street you can never know who they truly are inside.

Chloe is going to Arts University Bournemouth to do an Art and Design Foundation course.

Harvey Falla

The Bathing Pools

Influenced by Cinema Verite, Harvey’s film explores the pools from a number of different perspective. We meet the regular swimmers who use the pools all year round, set against the weather and the rhythm of the tides. Harvey’s soundtrack completes this ‘meditation’ on Guernsey’s Bathing Pools.

Harvey is going to study at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Elaine Lowe


I was inspired by the photographers Aldo Tolino and Miho Aikawa to create this coloured pencil portrait. Tolino creates distorted portraits and Aikawa captures everyday actions such as eating. The distorted shapes resemble a mirror, and this is evident with the subject applying makeup.

Elaine is going on to do a Higher National Diploma course in Art and Design at the College of Further Education.

Sophie Baudains


As we become more attached to technology, we progressively become isolated from one another missing out on valuable moments. 

Sophie will be continuing on to Bournemouth University to study Fine Art.

Jack Tostevin-Hall

Web of Memories

This piece is a pair of wall hangings based around the life of my grandfather and the memories he holds dearly.The back hanging contains present day portraits of my grandad, where as the front hanging is made up of old family photos outlining the key memories of his life, juxtaposing old and young. The use of delicate and tangled threads represents the fragility of life and how easily it can deteriorate with age, along with the memories we treasure.

Jack is going to study oboe performance at the Royal Academy of Music.

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