Student Exhibition 2018 – Through Their Eyes

Through Their Eyes

We are so pleased to announce the 2018 Student Exhibition at the greenhouse Gallery opens to the public on 27th July.

This is a culmination of hard work from students, chosen from the schools and colleges that study Level 3 BTEC, A Level and IB in Guernsey.

After hours and hours of deliberation, the Guernsey Arts Commission have pulled together a body of work, which represents a good cross-section of artwork produced by students studying at 16 plus.

A theme has emerged, this year it is Through Their Eyes – we felt it encompassed the message coming across through the pieces that were chosen.

This year we will also have a strong digital cohort, on a large screen, recognising the changing face of art, with many students’ work being shown here. Not forgetting media such as acrylics, watercolours, oils, 3D photography, as well as mixed media in many formats like film and narratives. You will see acrylics and flowers, fabric and paint, ink on cardboard and even a door!

Come along from 27th July to see Guernsey’s students excelling in a multitude of ways in the world of art, design and photography.


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