Specsavers will be sponsoring the exhibitions at the greenhouse gallery at Guernsey Museum in 2017

‘We are pleased to announce that Specsavers will be sponsoring the exhibitions at the greenhouse gallery at Guernsey Museum in 2017’, said Russ Fossey – Head of Arts Development at Guernsey Arts Commission. ‘The greenhouse gallery offers a showcase for local talent and the first exhibition sponsored by Specsavers this year will be ‘Consequences’, by Peter Le Vassuer, commencing on 31st of March. ‘
We don’t want to reveal to much, but ‘Consequence’ is not to be missed, as it is Peter’s first exhibition in over 10 years with new unseen work.
‘Specsavers is delighted to sponsor the Guernsey Art Commission this year, with three exciting exhibitions planned,’ said events manager Alex Costen.’ As a large employer of creative talent we’re keen to further support the arts in the island and help raise their profile.’
Specsavers is a sponsor of the greenhouse gallery.

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