Introducing SpaceTen – Guernsey’s contemporary space for a contemporary lifestyle.

What is SpaceTen? In essence SpaceTen is whatever you want it to be …

• A place to come and enjoy/invest in Art via the dedicated commercial Gallery that adorns our walls 24/7.

  • A room of discovery where you can sit and read one of our many art books/titles.
  • A location to partake in Yoga, Pilates and Animal Flow in St Peter Port either before work, during lunch or in the evening.
  • A Space for you to rent for functions, private exhibitions or indeed anything that your imagination stretches too.
  • A Photographic Studio to realise the work that has been manifesting in your head.
  • A new age marketing agency to empower your business with fresh creative, dynamic websites and effective strategies
  • A location to teach and inspire

What will your ‘A’ be?

Do you have an exhibition that you need space for?

Do you have a class that you want to run?

Do you want an alternative location for a corporate event?

Do you have an idea that is so off the wall its going to blow the roof off?

Do you have a dream?

‘Do’ yourself a ‘A’ favour and contact SpaceTen and create your ‘Space’ today.

Please email [email protected] or call 07781 426 275

Sub Space

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