SOTB: What you had to say…

As we look forward to the opening of Etched In Memory, we take a look at your comments from Six Of The Best

Some great feedback, and we look forward to see what you think of the next exhibition!

What you had to say…

Awesome display! I enjoyed seeing a balanced range of mediums and the artistic talent in Guernsey keeps getting better!
Kelsey Brache

Impressive mix of traditional, conceptual, craft, minimalism etc. Guernsey punches above its weight creatively.
Mikal Dyas

At last, but you can understand. Very imaginative.
Roy Smith

Very creative and original.
Gary Leaman

Congratulations to all the artists.
Jill Lucs

Good stuff! Keep on keeping on.
Ruth Staples

Enjoyed my visit, very creative and imaginative and talented.
Alan Burnes

Margaret Richards

Good talent on display here. Thanks!
Brian Richards

From 2 old fogies who never had any art skills!! What a marvellous exhibition keep up the good work.
Tessa Smith and Douglas Nelson

Excellent creative work.
Judie and Barrie Skilling

Anni Bichard

Just great – well done.
Christine Morton

Varied styles, very good.
Andrew Pouteaux

Favourite piece: Joshua Moore Intuitive 1
L L Guille family

Very interesting.
T. White and D. Williams

Great work.
Liz Sumner

Shaikh Nayeed AGW

Very impressive work, well displayed and varied.
Alan and Jill Martel

Bright, youthful, skilful, witty.
Patrick Miles

Amazing work, such talent.
Philomena Pipit

Very interesting.
Tina and Graham Bull

Excellent, loved the muted colours in Harry Stephen’s work.
Alison Good

Like the chair and Self-Intuitive(s)
Mark Bienvenu

Big up Guernsey! This work is excellent and thought provoking – great talent on display. These artists obviously have a big future.
Bill Wright

Strong work, well displayed.
Carl Thorpe & Helen Gerhe

Like Harry Martel’s work very much!
Ann and Bob Battye

Unbelievable talent. So original and moving. Loved the N.Y. works.
M Thoms

Love the chair. V. impressed by intellectual expression of all artists. Well done to all.
Val and Diana

Impressive work – thanks for showing.
Jon Ward

Very strong, thought provoking work! Not quite up to last years standards!
Max Betley

Thank you.
Julian Parker
Dude Forseith

Congratulations to you all.
V. Burley

Original and creative work of art. Simply lovely!
Tamie Mack

Original and brilliant artwork.
Jim Endicott

Thought-provoking. Good stuff, thanks!
Jackie Till

Very good.
David Inglis

Very high standard for a small island.
Chris Thompson, Exhibition Co-ordinator, Foxlowe Arts Centre

…Good works
R Douglas

Very impressed Joshua Morre and unusual sculpture by Harry Martel.
Becky Hall

Good start in the arts.
Jo Archer

I like Harry’s art work!
Emily Whittaker

Well done to these students – great work. I like Harry’s art work!
Carol Goodwin and Peter Budwin

Very interesting work.
Mary Logan

A refreshing exhibition. I particularly liked the installation in by Flo Le Couteur and the digital photography by Harry Martel.
Bob Dingle

Very creative and interesting, but cannot just justify the thought of cutting into a book for art!
E Hutchinson

Loved seeing some of these pieces at the greenhouse (rather than a school hall!) Congrats and good luck to all. Let’s see them again in a year or two.
Mary Cordall

The best thing in, Harry Martel
C de Sausmarez

Harry Matel No 1. Well done.

Joel Lewis – How long did this take to conjure up – I simply don’t get it! P
Why don’t you read his explanation and artist statement in the book which clearly explains his creative process of exploration with lines and minimalism? Then you would be able to make an informed and constructive criticism of his work.
Sorry – still not convinced! – but each to their own!

I like it.

Very good to see such strong work. Congratulations.
D E A, Ontario, Canada

Very interesting and imaginative exhibition.
Carolyn Taylor

Very encouraging that the island can be home to such a range of creative talent. Long may it continue.
Jeff Taylor

Rather interesting stuff. Didn’t like Flo Le Couteur – heads and pieces in the drawers were scary memories for me. My 2nd trip here, love this gallery and centre – always quiet and peaceful.
Roxy Malik

Fantastic work. Joshua will go far.
Jamie le Band

Lively, colourful, I would put some of these up in my own home! (Given the chance)
Ingrid Gallie

I really enjoyed reading about the artists thoughts/process on getting to their final pieces. There are some very enjoyable concepts; my fave Joshua Moore/Joel Lewis. Thank you for finding such great talent to share.
Danielle Sebire

Interesting and inspiring. Good. I usually visit here.
Bella Goddard

Once again, a celebration of all that is good in the ‘creative world’ of our young people.
Lester Queripel

Joshua was my favourite. Good to see artists talent in the island.
Becky Powell

Good local talent.
Linda Dorey

All good stuff, but Josh… This is awesome!

Paul Le Pelley

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