SOTB: Joshua Moore

Joshua Moore is a former student of the Grammar School. Here he tells us all about his works, which are currently on show through to the end of December as part of Six of the Best in the greenhouse.

Can you describe the concerns of your work including what ideas, themes and research sources influence and are present in it?
Honesty: I wanted to see how this could be applied to the crucifixion in my exam pieces. I did a lot of portraiture and figurative work before then.
What medium/s did you use to create your final year piece and why did you choose this/these medium?
I did a study of a carcass of beef which became a symbol for the crucifixion. I didn’t want to give the figure an identity – I preferred Christ as being this anonymous piece of butchered meat. I used whatever I found such as acrylic paint and then biro for detail.

Self-intuitive 2, 2012

What aspect of the making of your work was the most challenging?
The lighting in the room would change and would sometimes reflect off the painting which drove me mad; I get impatient with painting as it is, for me, a very immediate and spontaneous thing – it’s more of an exercise than a craft. Obviously, I’m conscious of the overall image but I’ll just keep scrubbing etc. until it all comes together, which can be quite destructive. I often ruin overworked areas which is really quite unnecessary.

Can you see yourself developing the work you have made? If so what themes and ideas would you address?
I think the best themes are those which are constantly recurring in an artist’s work because it creates an overall coherency; I have always been interested in gritty honesty from kitchen sink dramas to KesselsKramer hotel advertisements. The crucifixion was a recurring theme in Bacon’s works and is something which is very important to me as a Christian; combined with honesty I think this can be overworked and explored to produce some great visuals.

What does the immediate future hold for you and how does Art fit into that future?
Well art can be applied to anything. I just want to inform human development as much as anybody else. Education is very important whether it is self-initiated or institutional. For me the best way to communicate that is through the visual arts so I am going to be studying a foundation course at Central Saint Martins and taking it from there…

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