SOTB: Harry Martel

Harry Martel is a former student of the Grammar School. Here he tells us all about his works, Dimensional Illustion, Live and Discovery, currently on show through December as part of Six of the Best in the greenhouse.

Can you describe the concerns of your work including what ideas, themes and research sources influence and are present in it?
My initial inspiration for my landscapes topic and final piece was in fact originally from Bon Iver; a famous indie-folk band. They are one of my favourite music artists and I often watched their creative music videos. One of them uses landscapes; rotating and mirror reflecting the photographs and images to create what I have tried to produce in my work now. After using Bon Iver’s images, I studied the likes of Mark Gray, Steve Chapple and Phil Thomson who are all landscape photographers that use very broad colours and reflections in their work. From these artist studies, I was able to broaden my studies and produce my pieces.

Dimensional Illusion, 2012

What medium/s did you use to create your final year piece and why did you choose this/these medium?
The main focus was from the use of photography and editing processes using Photoshop. I continued this exploration with foam board, to enhance the visual effects, illusions and patterns through shapes and alignments.
What aspect of the making of your work was the most challenging?

The most challenging parts to my work were the final construction stages. Although the main parts to the pieces are the photographs and effects made through editing processes and photographic techniques, the final construction also played an important role. I needed to ensure that everything was crisply aligned and in place, otherwise the final product would look unprofessional.

Can you see yourself developing the work you have made? If so what themes and ideas would you address?
My most favourite pieces were ones where I had rotated the photographs to create interesting and unreal patterns to the human eye. From spending most of my summer in Guernsey, I have already taken the opportunity to take more photographs while the weather generously helps enhance a picture. The main development that I am currently addressing is the pattern idea. I briefly started to explore it nearer the end of my unit but I will develop it further, taking photographs with a purpose on how patterns could be created to produce unusual views.

What does the immediate future hold for you and how does Art fit into that future?
At the end of September, I will be travelling to the UK to study Economics at Loughborough University. Although Art does not directly fit into this degree, I hope to continue my photography and artwork by joining suitable clubs at university to learn more about photography; as I have never studied the subject alone and also keep up my work as a hobby. By travelling to the UK I will be able to explore new landscapes and areas that give my work a diverse touch.

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