SOTB: Flo Le Couteur

As part of the SIX OF THE BEST exhibition in the greenhouse, we interviewed each student to discuss their past, their present and their future; and so each week, we will be looking each student in turn.

We begin with Flo Le Couteur, a former student of Ladies College, who is now studying at Reading University.

Here, she tells us a little more about her works, which are currently on show in the greenhouse.

Can you describe the concerns of your work including what ideas, themes and research sources influence and are present in it?
FLC: I’m most interested in human representation in different media, including photography, modelling and animation. My main influences have been the aesthetics of Japanese doll artists such as Yoshida as well as other contemporary innovators such as director Gregg Araki.

What medium/s did you use to create your final year piece and why did you choose this/these medium?
For my final year exam piece I worked with PVA glue to create paintings of faces that I then filmed while they dripped and dried transparent. In this I was trying to represent the morphing of facial features that the mind creates particularly in the ’strange face in the mirror’ effect. I thought this would complement my doll work.

What aspect of the making of your work was the most challenging?
The hardest thing is trying to get the mental image that I have of the piece to actually translate into the final appearance and remain in my control.

Can you see yourself developing the work you have made? If so what themes and ideas would you address?
I would like to continue creating work around the doll theme as I feel there is much more potential for ideas around the subject, particularly the reason why I find them so fascinating. Ideally I would like to create my own original art dolls that could be exhibited in the future.

What does the immediate future hold for you and how does Art fit into that future?
I will be starting at the University of Reading, studying Art this October, where I hope to develop myself as an independent artist.

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