Road Trip.. What a great week! By The Dream Team.

Antonia Ramsey:

So Road Trip has come to an end! But what a fantastic week it has been. This project involved many firsts for me; my first project with the Guernsey Arts Commission, my first collaborative art project and this was my first official job as an artist!

Working with UK based artist Chris Charles has been a wonderful experience. As someone who knows the island pretty well it has been exciting witnessing Chris’s first impressions while talking to such an eclectic mix of people.

As you probably know from our past blog posts, we have been asking about Guernsey’s cultural identity, and this has stimulated lots of discussions ranging from the historical traditions and trades of the island, to the seasonal aspect and the isolation this can bring. We have also heard lots of personal stories and experiences of the place they love. The photos we have taken can only provide a small snapshot of some of the conversations we have had and the memories that people have shared with us.

Working with Chris and Lottie has been an absolute pleasure. Not only have we had a great deal of fun and a lovely swim at Cobo, their years of experience and willingness to teach me new skills has helped me develop as a local artist and has increased my confidence in working in a variety of groups and situations within the community.

It is hard for me to decide what the highlight of this week has been, every day has had a different vibe and each place has represented an element of Guernsey’s unique charm. I have been surprised by how willing people were to talk to us and engage with us and our question in an imaginative and inventive way.

I think this has really echoed the fact that Guernsey is a friendly and welcoming community. It also shows that Guernsey is a place full of artistic people and as our blog posts have shown, we have some very talented photographers and illustrators in the making!

Chris Charles:

The Dream Team!

I really don’t have much to add to Antonia’s account of an amazing week here on this unique and beautiful Island.

It has been wicked, I have been saying that too much this week but being here has been just that..WICKED.

It has also been a privilege to be invited over for a week of photography, creative discussions, community engagements and artistic development. Antonia has really got to grips with the idea of community art and how the development and methodology behind it provides opportunities and personal journey’s for all aspects of a community.

As we have found out this week interest in the creative arts on Guernsey is abundant and we have worked with families with members as young as 4 months old, up to someone well into there 80’s and everyone in between.

The arts really are for everyone and I look forward to coming back in the future and sharing in some more…

Now a few words from Lottie Barnes who has arranged the Road Trip Project with her team at GAC…


Lottie Barnes:

It has been so great to wizz around the Island in the Artsmobile and engage with the general public, organisations and groups! The whole team has enjoyed meeting all the participants. Road Trip aimed to make Guernsey Arts Commission more visible while at the same time offer training for up and coming Community Artists. It has been fantastic to see the Arts bring colour to a space, create a positive message, celebrate community and families… the list goes on! I look forward to our next big project Dance Month!! Well done Road Trip team!

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