Rendez-Vous In Guernsey links local and French artists

This October the Guernsey Arts Commission is supporting a special event at the Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts and Jimmy’s Cafe at St James designed to develop and celebrate the artistic links between Guernsey and France.

With much of Guernsey’s indigenous culture still being based on French roots Rendez-Vous In Guernsey hopes to provide a colourful improvised performance based on interaction and dialogue between French and Guernsey artists.

The ‘Rendez-Vous’, which has been organised by Guernsey based poet Trudie Shannon, will feature a concert of dance from French group Legendanse, music from Guernsey’s The Fuzzey Group and France’s Gilles Laugier,¬† poetry from Trudie¬† Shannon and fellow Guernsey based poet Richard Fleming and artwork, created in-situ, by Laurent Bonny.

The concert will be held at the Performing Arts Centre at 7:30 on Tuesday 25th October.

As well as the concert there will be a mixed media exhibition taking place at Jimmy’s Cafe in St James which will feature paintings, photography, ceramic masks and poetry by artists from both Guernsey and France. The exhibition will run from 25th October until 12th November.

Tickets for the concert will be on sale from Monday 3rd October at Beau Sejour, Guernsey Museum at Candie Gardens, Guernsey Information Centre and at

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