Poems on the Buses 4: Winners Announced

After months of submissions and weeks of judging we are delighted to be able to announce the winners of Poems on the Buses 4!

Poems on the Buses 4 has been our most successful Poems on the Buses competition to date! In total we received just under 500 entries including poems from established poets. This year we opened up the competition to poets outside of Guernsey and entries came from as far away as Greece, Finland, Portugal , Spain..and the islands of Mallorca and Shetland.

The tough decision of judging these poems came down to Gabriel Griffin.

Gabriel Griffin also lives on a small island: the tiny and beautiful island of Orta San Giulio on Lake Orta in northern Italy. Gabriel is founder and organiser of the Poetry on the Lake competition, festival and events on Lake Orta. She has been prized and placed in many competitions and published in magazines and anthologies from 1996-2010. She has published two collections of her own work: Campango and the Mouthbrooders and Transumanza.

If you would like to read the full judge’s competition report please click on the link below

Poems on the Buses 4 Judges Report

Of the nearly 500 entries received, 33 will be displayed in buses around Guernsey for 6 months. These poems will still be on display when the first ever Guernsey Literary Festival takes place next year from 12 – 15 May 2011.

Out of the 33 winning poems, Gabriel chose her top 3, with an overall competition winner, who receives a cash 1st prize of £300.

Competition Winners

Top 3 Poems:

Overall Competition Winner: Homards Vivants by Caroline Carver

Surveillance by Paul Francis
Festival of performing arts by Guy Hunter

33 Winning Poems:

www.teensyweensy.com by Ann Kelley

Dark Days by Ann Gray

Birthwrong by Carolyn King

Black Dog by Philip Williams

Festival of Performing Arts by Guy Hunter

Signals by Duncan Forbes

Different Houses by Michael Swan

Kinship by Jenny Morris

Dating Game by Alison Mace

Homards Vivants by Caroline Carver

On a Bike Stand by Anne Stewart

Forbidden? by Anne Stewart

Homecoming by Zeeba Ansari

The End of the Fairy Tale by Maggie Sullivan

Surveillance by Paul Francis

Hey Diddle Diddle 2 by D W Thomas

Poem written by a Trapeze Artist by Brian Jeffrey

Moonstream by Elizabeth Lavers

Pictures by Chris Consadine

Second Time Round by Helen Farish

A Quiet Suburban Life by Brian Docherty

Walking Home by Bob Rogers

The Carpenter by Stephen A Roberts

Baby Food by Kate Scott

Departure by Chris Considine

Geriatric by Doreen Hinchliffe

When I said “How are you?” by Phil Madden

For Harry by Diana Gittins

The First of… by Pauline Keith

Cockerel by Pete Lancaster

Vacant Possession by Doreen Hinchliffe

That Feeling by Pete Lancaster

S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) by A C Bevan

The poems will be launched in the Guernsey Buses in November the date will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks.

Poems on the Buses 4 Competition Judge: Gabriel Griffin

Poems on the Buses 4 Judge, Gabriel Griffin

Poems on the Buses 4 Competition Overall Winner: Caroline Carver

More information about the Guernsey Literary Festival can be found here.

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