Orberlands Centre artwork

Guernsey Arts Commission has been working with service users to create artwork for the new mental health build, Oberlands. The building has been designed to make the most of the surrounding landscape with beautiful views and courtyards. Inside the building there are large graphics of plants and trees that represent each area and act as a guide. The majority of the artwork created contributes to this theme of nature and plants.


Our main aims for the artwork in the hospital are:

  • Support service users to have ownership of the building and feel connected to the building, easing anxiety around the transition of moving
  • To promote a sense of wellbeing and mindfulness through an art activity
  • To provide materials and demonstrate techniques that produces high quality work so that the participants are proud of their artwork


We delivered workshops with MIND, on Sarnia ward and at the Youth Commission’s ‘Quiet Club’, which is for young people who access CAMHS.


We also worked with artists Frances Lemmon on Albecq ward and Julie Embling at the Recovery and Wellbeing Service. We delivered workshops using watercolours and brusho paints to create washes which were then cut up to create collages. This approach worked well as the washes are very relaxing and it is also an accessible activity for those who may be nervous about taking part in an art activity. We also explored doodle art and lino printing, which are also relaxing activities. Lino printing helps to reduce anxiety around creating a perfect piece of artwork, as you can repeat the print over and over again, and experiment with each one differently.

The artwork produced at the Youth Commission’s ‘Quiet Club’ has been the inspiration for the final design of a mural for the waiting area at Mignot House where CAMHS will be based.

The workshops have been a great success and we hope to continue them. The artwork produced during the build is being celebrated by being exhibited around ­Oberlands.




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