Not just another sunset…by Chris Charles.

I have been trusted with the big Guernsey Arts van and have been making good use of it at the end of the the way feel free to stop me for a chat as I always have my camera with me and could grab a shot of you on my travels.


Also if you want to add some of your own photography to the website then just follow the link below and get involved.

The whole idea behind this week is to share our words and images of Guernsey, show what we think represents the people and the Island visually.

The people I am meeting all have great suggestions of where I should go, people I should meet and talk too but most importantly which beach or location I should watch the sunset from..

The other night after a day of chatting and taking shots with community groups all over the Island my wife and I ended up at Icart for a walk along the cliffs…


We stopped for a rest on this bench and I couldn’t help but think about the person on the memorial plaque and the fact that this spot had become so important to him and the people he obviously touched with his life and words here on the Island.

The quote for me is starting to sum up my time her on this special Island and even though I am not a Guern I am definitely feeling part Donkey!!

The sunset from the bench was one to remember and the spiritual feeling linked to sharing a thought of the man remembered by the bench reinforced for me whats at the heart of Guernsey.

The feeling of peace, restoration and healing was further summed up by a chance meeting with the Dean of Guernsey at Les Cotils.


The Dean left me with this quote to accompany his portrait taken just after an early morning service.

” Guernsey is a beautiful place and different with it’s own culture and way of doing things.”

I am looking forward to my next couple of days as I will be meeting with family groups down at the Kindred Centre and then working with Lottie and her Guernsey Arts team during evening outreach at Les Genats.

Catch you soon with some more portraits and stories of my time here on Guernsey…

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