New exhibition in the greenhouse: Reclassified

The latest in the Design Matters series is a graphics based exhibition titled Reclassified. This exhibition in the greenhouse opens on Friday 28th January (5.30-7.00pm all welcome) and runs until 31st March.

Guest curator Adam Roberts who has produced the show, invited 22 artists and graphic designers to redesign a classified advert taken from the Guernsey Evening Press; each artist was given a small clipping from the classified section of the paper on Thursday 16th December and given one month to re-imagine the ad as poster in any way they saw fit.

The only rules for this challenge were that the poster must be black and white, and portrait sized 259mm x 350mm. Each of the artists was told that their work must incorporate all the text in the original clipping, making sure that it is still legible. Artists were given the freedom to add pictures, drawings or graphics to their poster if they wished, and were able to use a wide variety of techniques such as typography, illustration and photography; giving these designers and artists an opportunity to demonstrate their range of creative abilities.’

All the work entered for the exhibition was reproduced in a special newspaper limited to 500 copies, returning the ‘ad’ to its original printed form. These papers will be available to take away for anyone visiting the exhibition.

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