New Exhibition – Faces & Figures: Student Exhibition 2015

Join the Guernsey Arts Commission on Thursday 10th September from 5:30pm until 7pm for the opening of the latest exhibition at the greenhouse gallery at Guernsey Museum. This will be the 50th exhibition the Guernsey Arts Commission have opened under the greenhouse programme.

Six young artists have been selected for a show titled Faces & Figures: Student Exhibition 2015, opening on Thursday 10 September at the greenhouse gallery, in Guernsey Museum.   The Guernsey Arts Commission’s annual student exhibition showcases a variety of art, design and photography from the end-of-year shows at the College of Further Education, Grammar School, Elizabeth College and Ladies’ College; highlighting the strong creative talent consistently emerging on the island. The exhibition is kindly sponsored by NatWest and is the fifth show of the annual series. This year’s exhibition has been curated by GAC’s Antonia Ramsey and Simone Roberts.

This year’s students include:

  • Giles Quigley – Elizabeth College
  • Brittany Chippendale – Grammar School
  • Bertie Charman – Elizabeth College
  • Rosemary Despres – Grammar School
  • Samuel O’Neill – Ladies’ College
  • Sofia Ogier – College of Further Education

The exhibition is entitled Faces & Figures: Student Exhibition 2015, as this year’s work experiments with portraiture. From ancient sculptures, to paintings of royalty, to today’s selfies, portraits have been used not just to provide a likeness but also evoke aspects of the subject’s inner self, making a stimulating theme for the exhibition. All of the featured artwork has been created in a refreshing and thought provoking way, whilst still using traditional crafts.

Simone Roberts, Arts Administrator, said “Antonia and I are delighted to be curating this year’s student show. It was amazing to see so much talent in all of the end-of-year shows and we found it very difficult to select just a small number for the exhibition. All of the students who exhibited work for their end-of-year shows should be very proud. A theme of portraiture was apparent from the beginning, with all of the selected artworks really standing out because they each told a story”.

Antonia Ramsey, Arts Assistant, said “We were really drawn to the artworks that had a story to tell, whether this was a written story alongside the artwork or something the piece conveyed itself. It was easy to connect to the artworks we’ve chosen, and we felt it was important for the public to be able to connect with each of the pieces.”

You can meet and hear from these emerging artists at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 10 September from 5.30pm until 7pm at the greenhouse gallery at Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery, Candie.  The exhibition runs until Sunday 22nd November.


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