NatWest pledge support to Guernsey Arts Commission in 2012

Following a successful partnership in 2011 NatWest have pledged support to a range of projects being run by the Guernsey Arts Commission across 2012.

In 2011 the bank supported the growing Community Arts Programme at Le Genats which gave youngsters in the area a new way to engage with the arts every Tuesday evening.

NatWest also supported the Art on the Beach event, which challenged teams to make works of art out of the sand and other things found on Vazon, a series of workshops in the greenhouse which gave children a chance to learn about aspects of art and design based on the We’ve Got It Covered exhibition and a workshop led by professional songwriter and producer Tim Bran and his writing partners Jim Delbridge and Nick Windsor which gave Guernsey musicians a chance to explore new ways of creating music and led to the creation of 10 brand new songs which were performed on the day (and can be seen on our YouTube Channel).

Following the success of these events NatWest will be supporting another range of projects in 2012, starting with the continued development of the Community Arts Programme project taking place in St Martin’s.

The project grew as a development of the Street Arts programme begun at Le Genats and again gives some of Guernsey’s youngsters a chance to experience the arts in a new setting and context.

Rob Girard, Island Director at NatWest, commented: “After the success of NatWest’s partnership with the Guernsey Arts Commission last year, we were keen to continue our support in 2012 as part of our commitment to community investment activity in the island. The Commission provides youngsters with a creative platform through which they can develop individually, to discover and explore their artistic talents.”

Brett Klement, Guernsey Arts Commission’s Community Arts Development Manager, said: “Since I took on the role of Community Arts Development Manager NatWest has been a consistent supporter of the arts and the Guernsey Arts Commission. Month after month they supply the seed money for new growth throughout the Commission and hope to so many on the island who relish creative exploration. They are an enormously valued partner in the wildly expansive growth the Community Arts has enjoyed this past year and a tremendous contributor to the community as a whole.”

NatWest will also once again be supporting Art on the Beach which will be taking place at Vazon in May, as well as another music based workshop and one of the projects taking place in the greenhouse.

Photo by Sarah George.

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