My first month as a volunteer

My first four weeks working voluntarily with the Guernsey Arts Commission has gone none other than great. I’ve really enjoyed everyday I’ve got to come in, just for a few hours or a full day and haven’t failed to be pleasantly surprised by what jobs I’ve gotten to do.
I’ve so far done jobs ranging from;
– Making bunting for Arts Sunday, which I really enjoyed and interacting with the public, children, island visitors and everyday friends.
– Standard office work, typing up meeting notes, labeling 700 exhibition invitations,
editing and updating annual Arts Grants funding application guidelines,
uploading documents onto the GAC website, scanning and shredding etc
the list goes on…

– Shifting office furniture around and clearing bit and pieces from room to room

– Simple things like making drinks for ally my lovely co-workers

– I’ve been on little errands from time to time, taking things to the post office, handing out promotional leaflets and collecting things.

– Yarn bombing sessions up at the hospital, a project, which I am continuing on. Knitting squares or long rectangles and tying them up round the trees up the hospital drive.

I have no doubt that as time goes on I’ll get to do lots more of this and lots of other new jobs as well. Comparing this job to my previous jobs and employment history in general, it is no doubt one that I enjoy most and get to do pretty much everything I enjoy. I hope to stay here for the rest of this year if possible and see what else can come my way.

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