Mixing Pottery and Politics

Michael J. Strand comes to Guernsey!

The Dandelion Project have organised a fantastic event available to everyone. You do not want to miss this incredible opportunity if you’re in Guernsey. Below is the information about the event, from The Dandelion Project:

EVENT: Michael J. Strand – Mixing Pottery and Politics

DATE: Sunday 10 May 2015

LOCATION: The Venue, Fermain


Michael Strand is Ceramics Magazine’s “Ceramicist of the Year for 2014.”  The Dandelion Project like to call him the Subversive Potter.  He has an incredible gift that uses pottery as a way to make social change happen.

His work begins by scrutinizing the function of art and craft in contemporary society. He develops projects that create a bridge of communication that is enabled by the common use and/or distribution of hand-thrown ceramic ware. These projects seek to enable object history through experiments in conceptual function. This process straddles a fine line between journalism, social science, activism and functional ceramics. Through this fusion his practice exists in a state of inquiry rather than exclamation.

Current projects question and seek answers to; current relationships between religious and political factions, public and private accessibility in a democratic society, the deployment of art and craft in culture, and craft as a tool of benevolence. These topics are explored through art delivery strategies that create real physical social networks. His objective is to effectively explore the rich and viable space between Art and humanity.

He is an incurable romantic, and approaches all of these processes with the optimism that humanity has great potential to prevail over the destructive divisions that exist in our world today.

During his incredible talk, these questions will be asked of Michael and ourselves –

  • How can our artistic community contribute to making social change happen?
  • How can our community leaders work together in new more human ways?


If you are considering a career in the arts then you must come to this event

If you are interested in innovative ways to make change happen then you must come to this event

If you love interesting people then Michael is about as interesting as it gets


It is a tremendous privilege for Michael to be here in Guernsey.  Don’t miss out on your chance to hear him – he both an incredible speaker and artist. He really does demonstrate how art can really make a positive impact on society itself.


To find out more about Michael and all his incredible art projects go to his website at http://www.michaeljstrand.com/

If you want to see him speak please watch his 2012 TEDx talk:

Tickets are limited to 100.  We don’t want money to be a barrier to attending these events so instead of a fixed ticket price we are trying something different. Please pay what you can when placing your order and if you are able please donate a little more. The standard ticket price is £8. As always out buy one give one ticket is available for those that can afford to pay more. We also have some free community tickets available for those that can’t afford to pay.

Our costs are outlined below as a guide and we have no sponsor at this time. If you wish to support the curation of this events series, we have many more in store and welcome any sponsorship interest.

The total cost of staging this event is around £2,500 including flights, accommodation, room hire and AV equipment.

Michael J Strand

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