Meet the RoadTrip Artists part 2

Eleanor Lane is a contemporary, Guernsey born and based artist, specialising in conceptual fine art.

She undertook most of her training in Brighton before briefly moving to London to work for the Museum of Everything (a pop-up gallery exhibiting Outsider Art). Her time in London encouraged her to not only pursue her career as an artist but to explore community based art and the countless benefits art can have on both individuals and groups within a society. With a history not only in visual art but in theatre and dance too, Eleanor tells us that, “ I am keen to explore the various disciplines in their own right, but also in relation to each other.”

She encourages those she works with to do the same, and to view no medium, technique or discipline as superior over another but all as an outcome or expression of “art as a process”, a creative process promoting freedom of thought, emotion and constant experimentation.


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