Meet the GAC Artists – Part 7

Jack de la Mare

I am a local film-maker who’s made films on the island, some of which have been partially funded by the Arts Commission, for a good number of years. Ever since I was young I had an interest in film-making and have made a number of films on the island including ‘Isolated’, ‘SIX’, ‘Zombey’ and ‘The Diary of Alice Applebe’. Both Zombey and Alice were partially funded by the Arts Commission and all of those films have been premiered/screened at the Performing Arts Centre.

Aside of those films I have made a couple of music videos, more recently ‘Repair’ for the local band ‘Twelve Ton Trouble’ with others in the works. I study at Bournemouth University in the UK and am actively trying to step into a tough industry for when I graduate.


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