Meet the artists – Giles Quigley

Six young artists have been selected for a show titled Faces & Figures: Student Exhibition 2015.  Here you can get to know them a little more…

Giles Quigley – Elizabeth College:

“My relationship with my father is a unique one whilst predominantly spent in a state of joy and laughter. However, what is calm and collected on the surface can be misleading, although I see my father as a great man and my hero, a mood lies within him and can often be triggered by a stubbed toe or a drowning day at the office. The idea of my work was to present a different side of my father and challenge the viewer to think how the work effects the impression of the subject and relay that emotion through the brush strokes. Looking at the truly inspiring work of Francis Bacon I indulged myself in his workings and methods, taking me to some of the darker places of the internet as some of his work focused on brutal oral diseases that I recommend you do NOT look at! However, his work still enthused me to take a similar approach as I found myself mimicking his style to achieve a separate outcome whilst discovering more and more about Bacon’s hauntingly beautiful work. After discovering the work of Francis Bacon the project seamlessly ran its own course, taking inspiration from his work and many others, an easy transition from charcoal, to ink, to paint, occurred. With this work came challenges, disfiguring my father’s face to a point where he was scarcely recognisable was tricky. I’d never truly had such a strong emotional attachment to a piece, taking the work to new heights. To feel somewhat vulnerable to opinions and the overall effect that it may have on others is daunting, however, with all things considered, the only opinion that truly matters is my fathers. I am taking a year out from studying and looking to find employment locally. I aim to move to London in September 2016 to either study a BA Hons in Performing Arts or to be involved in this industry in some role be it employed or some other format.”


The Guernsey Arts Commission’s annual student exhibition showcases a variety of art, design and photography from the end-of-year shows at the College of Further Education, Grammar School, Elizabeth College and Ladies’ College; highlighting the strong creative talent consistently emerging on the island. The exhibition is kindly sponsored by NatWest and is the fifth show of the annual series. This year’s exhibition has been curated by GAC’s Antonia Ramsey and Simone Roberts. You can meet and hear from these emerging artists at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 10 September from 5.30pm until 7pm at the greenhouse gallery at Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery, Candie.  The exhibition runs until Sunday 22nd November. Info-banner

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