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Nine young artists have been selected for a show titled ‘Insight – Student Exhibition 2016’, open until Monday 29th August at the greenhouse gallery, in Guernsey Museum.   The Guernsey Arts Commission’s annual student exhibition showcases a variety of art, design, media and photography from the end-of-year art shows at the College of Further Education, Grammar School, Elizabeth College and Ladies’ College; highlighting the strong creative talent consistently emerging on the island.

The exhibition is kindly sponsored by NatWest and is the sixth show of the annual series.

This year’s exhibition has been curated by GAC’s Simone Roberts and Russ Fossey.


Introducing the team behind the ‘Blush’ music video

  • Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre
  • ‘Blush’ Music Video


Katie De Carteret


When approaching this task I wanted to create something that looked aesthetically pleasing. I wanted to focus on cinematography techniques to enhance different perspectives and forms of videography. I wanted to create a disjunctive narrative so viewers would focus on the artistic portrayal of emotions, not the narrative focus that is so common of modern music videos.

My main focus of inspiration for ‘Blush’ was looking at other indie band such as ‘The Foals’. But most importantly looking at powerful female lead performers like ‘Sea Oleena’ and ‘Lana Del Ray’. The main aim of this project was to be different, the majority of ‘main stream’ music videos feature male leads. I wanted to create a successful performance with two female leads, expressing emotions and engaging the audience visually through abstract measures.

Now that I have completed my time at Grammar School, I have recently started working as a Junior Marketing Executive in Guernsey.

Blush Music Video - Katie-Rosie-Brittany (2)


Rosie Jehan


After choosing to look at the indie rock genre for our A-Level media project, we explored the use of disjunctive narrative to display the emotions of a song and how lyrics are represented via movement, colour and special effect etc.

Wolf Alice’s ‘Blush’ seemed like the best song choice for our initial ideas, so we went along with it and built our creative vision around the main theme of the song, heartbreak, with the help from other indie music videos such as Sea Oleena’s ‘Milk’, which was our biggest inspiration.

After shoot failures, disagreements and a lot of extra time editing, we managed to fit all of our footage together, edit to the beat, add effects and finally create a music video which we feel fits the band, song and overall genre as we imagined it would. This video was a lot of hard work, but the skills learnt throughout the project will benefit us all at university and in the workplace, as well as improving our ability to be creative and produce work that we are proud of.

In September, I’ll be attending Loughborough University to take part in an Art Foundation course, where I’ll hopefully be continuing to make videos as well as creating art in my other media.

Blush Music Video - Katie-Rosie-Brittany (1)

Brittany Chippendale

Brittany Chippendale - B+W

In this music video we wanted to create a disjunctive story line to reflect the indie genre of our chosen song “Blush” by Wolf Alice. We almost wanted the video to look like a piece of artwork in order to connect with our audience emotionally through ascetically pleasing shots and fast pace editing. We asked our very talented friend Lily Trenchard who is a semi professional dancer to star in our music video. Her character was designed to reflect the singers emotions which was enhanced by her being filmed in strange scenarios such as dancing in flour and bathing in a milk bath on the beach. We wanted the scenes to be totally unrelated to add to the confusing, disorientated element of the piece but we wanted a running colour scheme of dark and light to connect them all together.

The filming and planning took place over 5 months and we all had an equal share in planning editing and filming. Overall we made a great team as we were able to combine all our wacky ideas together to create this music video.

In the near future I will be attending Sussex University to study media practice. I want to broaden out my skill set and incorporate my artistic flair into my media products in the hope of becoming an art director.

Still from video - 3

Watch the full video here:

The 2016 students include: Joey Burnard, Amber Moxom, Matthew Stockreiter, Tove Barnes, Georgina Smart, two returning artists Brittany Chippendale and Sam O’Neill as well as a group media project from the Grammar School involving Katie de Carteret, Rosie Jehan and Brittany, who has two pieces of work in the exhibition.


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