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Nine young artists have been selected for a show titled ‘Insight – Student Exhibition 2016’, open until Monday 29th August at the greenhouse gallery, in Guernsey Museum.   The Guernsey Arts Commission’s annual student exhibition showcases a variety of art, design, media and photography from the end-of-year art shows at the College of Further Education, Grammar School, Elizabeth College and Ladies’ College; highlighting the strong creative talent consistently emerging on the island.

The exhibition is kindly sponsored by NatWest and is the sixth show of the annual series.

This year’s exhibition has been curated by GAC’s Simone Roberts and Russ Fossey.


Introducing: Brittany Chippendale

Brittany Chippendale - B+W

  • Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre
  • ‘Bitter Sweet’ – Large watercolour painting

In this piece I wanted to explore how I could convey “movement” by giving movement to a still object to express fluidity within a 2D image such as my watercolour portrait. My inspiration came from the photographer Blake Little, who photographs models drenched in honey to give the illusion of them being “preserved in amber”. I wanted to challenge this idea and instead of preservation I wanted to emphasise fluidity. I then gathered together ten cans of treacle and poured them over my models. I felt the photographs captured the movement of the treacle oozing and flowing over the anatomy. I decided to use watercolour as I wanted the materials I used to emphasise the fluid aspect of my photography.

In the near future I will be attending Sussex University to study media practice. I want to broaden out my skill set and incorporate my artistic flair into my media products.



The 2016 students include: Joey Burnard, Amber Moxom, Matthew Stockreiter, Tove Barnes, Georgina Smart, two returning artists Brittany Chippendale and Sam O’Neill as well as a group media project from the Grammar School involving Katie de Carteret, Rosie Jehan and Brittany, who has two pieces of work in the exhibition.


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