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28 Mar 2014 – 14 Sep 2014

The world premiere of a new exhibition by French/Slovenian photographer Klavdij Sluban, who takes us through an exploration of Victor Hugo’s Exile in Guernsey. Mounted in association with the Guernsey Photography Festival and Maison de Victor Hugo, Paris. Plus Foyer display on Crime & Punishment in Victorian Guernsey in the Brian White gallery.

Commissioned by the Guernsey Photography Festival with the support of Paris Museums, Maisons de Victor Hugo Guernsey/Paris, Guernsey Arts Commission and Norman Piette Ltd.



12 Apr 2014 – 18 May 2014

Over 35 days jam-packed with daily events makes it a must-do for history lovers this spring.Coastal castles will be brought to life, doors will be opened on wartime bunkers and historic towers and the island will put the flags out for Liberation DayEvents include Liberation Day celebrations on 9 May and a special series of guided tours and walks by Festung Guernsey, a group dedicated to preserving Guernsey’s German Fortifications.A number of events will be held at heritage sites around the island including HistoryFest: Travels in Time, between Friday 18th and Sunday 20th April, at the Castle Cornet. This will also be the location for Hafenschloss on 4 May when specialist re-enactment teams will be setting up camp within its walls and visitors can experience the gritty reality of occupied life for island residents and soldiers. Celebrations also encompass the Guernsey Literary Festival (Thurs 15th – Sunday 18th May).



03 May 2014 – 03 May 2014

Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts.

Time: 8.00pm.   T: Tickets from PRCPA Box Office 749999 & all Guernsey Tickets Outlets or

Ruffle My Feathers is an exciting and exotic dance show with a difference. The ladies of the Arabesque Dance Company have an age range spanning five decades. Let us take you on a journey from the nightclubs of Paris, the Glitzy Shows of Las Vegas and Chicago via the exciting and oriental Bollywood and the deserts of Egypt. Enjoy the fun and the cheekiness, and leave the show with a smile on your face.

Tickets £15, £12.50 concessions.

Show proceeds will be donated to C.L.I.C. Sargent charity.



05 May 2014 – 30 May 2014

A Japanese Embroidery Exhibition will held with over 40 embroideries displayed

At the Coach House Gallery, St Pierre de Bois

Contact: Betty Watson +44 (0) 1481 235760 e-mail: [email protected]  The Coachhouse Gallery +44 (0) 1481 265339

A Japanese Embroidery Exhibition will held with over 40 embroideries displayed stitched by 7 ladies, 2 from Guernsey, 4 from England and 1 from Germany.



09 May 2014 – 09 May 2014

A full programme of events will be on offer for Guernsey’s annual celebration of freedom and the anniversary of the island’s liberation.

Contact Guernsey Information Centre on +44(0)1481 723552
Email: [email protected]

9th May marks the liberation of Guernsey from the occupying German Forces after five long dark years (1940-45). Liberation Day continues to be an important and poignant day in the history of the Island. Families, friends and visitors to Guernsey celebrate the priceless concept of freedom and enjoy a day filled with the pageantry of Church and Military Vehicle parades as well as wide range of entertainment and activity for all age groups.

The family day attracts thousands of people to the St Peter Port seafront, where the majority of the celebrations will take place, including the Liberation firework display.

For more information and details on this year’s events go to



10 May 2014 – 27 Sep 2014

A series of musical concerts and dance performed in the heart of St Peter Port.

SATURDAYS 10 May – 27 September. In Market Square, St Peter Port   12.15-2.30pm

Contact Guernsey Information Centre +44(0) 1481 723552



11 May 2014 – 28 Sep 2014

A series of musical concerts and dance performed in the beautiful setting of Candie Gardens

At Candie Gardens, St Peter Port   3-4pm

Contact Jack Honeybill+44 (0)  07781 113464

A series of musical concerts and dance performed in the beautiful setting of Candie Gardens. Come and relax on a Sunday afternoon.



15 May 2014 – 18 May 2014

E-mail [email protected]   Web:

The 2014 Guernsey Literary Festival promises to be the best yet and offers a range of events for people of all ages and interests with a chance to interact with some leading authors and poets in this fantastic setting.

Journalist Kate Adie OBE, poet Luke Wright and curator and historian Dr Lucy Worsley are the latest names to be announced in this exciting line up. Previously confirmed are philanthropist Dame Stephanie ‘Steve’ Shirley, seven-piece band Police Dog Hogan and children’s storytellers and musicians Spud and Yam join other guests Esther Freud, Stephen May, Sir Andrew Motion, and Janet Street Porter, Nick Butterworth, Cathy Cassidy, Cerrie Burnell and Alex Winter, as seen on CBeebies.

More than 25 events will take place at the inflatable structure The Hub, in Market Square, St Peter Port with other events to take place at St James, Guille-Allès Library, Castle Cornet, Town Church, Victor Hugo House and the Fermain Tavern . This year there will be more events aimed at children and teens than in previous festivals.



16 May 2014 – 16 May 2014

Experience the Castle after-hours with a timetable of interactive talks, costumed tours, children’s activities and Living History. Free entry.

At Castle Cornet, Castle Emplacement St Peter Port

Time: 5.30 – 9pm. T: +44 (0) 1481 721657. E:  [email protected] W:

See here for more information on Castle Cornet



17 May 2014 – 17 May 2014

The Guernsey Choral and Orchestral Society join together to present ‘A Night at the Opera’. Directed by Helen Grand, the Society will perform a variety of popular choruses and arias from some of the greatest operas of all time.

St James Concert Hall

Time: 8.00pm. T: +44 (0) 1481 711361. E: [email protected]



21st -23rd May

Wednesday 21st May:

Alderney Sunstone – By Vanessa Mee. Director – Bobbie Allen (Alderney Children’s Theatre)

On the day that the legendary Alderney Sunstone returns to Alderney on a wave of pomp and ceremony, a group of children become stranded while out ormering on the uninhabited island of Burhou. To keep themselves occupied, the group encourages master storyteller Talia to entertain them with tales from her writer’s notebook, and soon the stone becomes much more than an important relic from Alderney’s past…

It’s Not You, It’s Me – By Don Zolidis. Director – Tom Cheshire (SWATS)

Whether your boyfriend is a secret agent or monk in training, or your girlfriend is a psychic or pathological liar, one thing is for sure: they are about to dump you. Exploring the painful art of breaking-up through comedic, awkwardly realistic characters, this series of wildly hilarious scenes are sure to make you feel relieved not to be the receiving end of those five fatal relationship words.

Move It – By Ruth Kenward and Richard Neil. Director – Jenny Falla (GADOC)

Performed by kind permission of Starshine Music Ltd.

Four dance crews, Hypnotiks, Blackout, Xplosion and Blaze are competing for a place in a regional contest.  Blaze always win everything, and Hypnotiks have a particular problem with one of their group who keeps letting them down.  The leader of Blaze, Nicole, has a troublesome younger brother called Sam, who she is very quick to criticise.  Because Sam is constantly undermined by Nicole, he is angry and aggressive, and has recently been excluded from school after a fight.  Then, by chance, Sam ends up being the solution to Hypnotiks’ problems when his natural talent for street dance is discovered.  However, this puts him in direct competition with Nicole!  In a surprising turn of events, Sam is the one who saves the day when there is a disaster for Nicole and Blaze at the dance-off.

Thursday 22nd May:

Daniel and the Lions – By Dave Culling. Director:  Bob Thompson (Karen Dempsey School of Dance)

The familiar Bible story of Daniel being the envy of King Darius’s advisors who trick the king into believing Daniel is a traitor. Daniel is then thrown into a den of lions as a punishment. An angel saves Daniel and then restores him to his position at the palace.

 After Magritte – By Tom Stoppard. Director – Maz Campbell (Elizabeth College)

The play begins with an astonished policeman looking through the window of a house where a group of people are posed in a bizarre, surreal tableau reminiscent of the paintings of René Magritte. Finding this suspicious, he calls in his inspector.

Inside the room, a rational explanation for the tableau gradually becomes apparent. Two ballroom dancers, a man and a woman named Reginald and Thelma Harris, are hurriedly getting ready for an event. A lampshade which had used bullets as a counterweight has broken and a woman crawls on the floor to look for them. The mother plays the tuba.

The inspector arrives and asks about the family’s memories of a man they had seen outside of the Tate Gallery where a René Magritte exhibit is being held. He invents an entirely false story, accusing the family of complicity in a crime known as the Crippled Minstrel Caper. As he continues, the stage picture becomes increasingly ridiculous. For instance, the couple offer the inspector a banana as the male dancer stands on one foot. One scene is even performed in total darkness. By the end of the play, the characters are posed in another Magritte-like tableau.

Lions and Donkeys – By Steve HarpeR. Director – Bridget Carey (GADOC)

It’s September 1918 on the Western Front and Tommy Atkins and Dave Rawlings from the Third Essex Battalion are doing all they can to stay alive during the final months of the First World War.

On this particular night, an unexpected visit of an officer and an untimely entrance of another, make this a funny, poignant play about friendship, humanity and survival.

 Friday 23rd May:

The Wizard of Woz – By Tony Edwards. Director – Shaun Winterflood (SWATS)

A worried Munchkin comes back over the rainbow to find Dorothy. She is needed to help her old friends again. This time, Scarecrow has lost his sense of humour, Lion has lost his memory and the Tinman has lost his kindness. With help from her magic doll, Jerrapip, Dorothy takes the scarecrow to see Dr. Laughachuckle, the daftest doctor in the world who lives in the land of laughs. Then she takes Lion to see Mr. Magicalis Mogg, the Memory Minder in the Land of Memories – and finally the Tinman sees Mrs. Tockity in the land of Tickers.

But can Dorothy succeed in curing her friends?

 Lesser Mortals – By Geoff SaunderS. Director – Pauline Telford (GADOC)

 Four women – all widows – sit in the communal silence of a Quaker meeting. We hear their thoughts and join with their joys and troubles.

Who Was Hilary Maconochie? – By James Saunders – Director:  Bridget Carey (GADOC)

A convoluted mystery as to who this gentleman might be is the vein running through this quirky comedy. The players extol the virtues of British tradition while portraying a snobbish distinction between class and race. A cleverly written play full of absurdities and contradictions. 



30 May 2014 – 07 Jun 2014

Visiting UK and international comedians, comedy shows, films and music at the 2014 Sure Festival of Comedy

Saturday 31st May 2014 – Les Rocquettes – 8pm

Edinburgh preview

You get TWO one hour shows! Our usual comedy room at Les Rocquettes plays host to the two one-hour shows all held together by the fantasticStephen Carlin (who Stewart Lee raves about). Abi Roberts is one of our favourites who we first saw two years ago and just had to book her. After a short set last year be were keen to see Abi’s full length show that we just know will ensure that her upwards path continues. Phil Kay is a legend in his own right. If you follow comedy you’ll be aware of all the mixed reviews at both ends of the scale! You never know what you are going to get but one thing is for sure – miss this and you miss those nuggets of comedy gold that make memorable nights out

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